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the vice president joined in the ceremony at memorial. >> all round the bay area as well today people stopped to remember the victims and the heros of september 11th. the fire department hosted a bell ringing ceremony and memorial service. firefighters and police officers joined together to honor the first responders. the victims and their families. >> we continue to mourn your loss by honoring their memory and celebrating their lives. >> we cannot forget. >> reporter: this ceremony recognized members 69 united states armed forces, many of whom say they were inspired to join by the events of september 11th. >> i would ask that we have a moment of silence to the victims, family and friends of the attack. >> reporter: in san jose the
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fire chief delivered a memorial message over the dispatch radio. he asked people to take part in a moment of silence at the time the first tower fell in new york. a memorial bell was rung to show the last alarm for the 343 new york firefighter who died on september 1st. >> the bay area has its own memorial to the heroes of flight 93 and today it was the site of a special remembrance. family and friends gathered and put flowers on the monument to their loved ones. the stones have all the names of those who died in pennsylvania. each of the 40 was also read out loud. family said 11 years later emotions are still high. >> it's just a reminder of that horrible day. i think again. you know it brings more emotion that you haven't had. >> anniversary the emotions are very raw. it's amazing how 11 years later
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you can still have them. >> reporter: the bay area flight 93 memorial was dedicated five-years ago in union city. >> there is a new sentiment we are seeing this anniversary. some people say quiet ceremonies aren't the way they want to mark the day. patty lee is live. >> reporter: right now we are at the lafayette flag brigade on an overpass overlooking highway 24, you can hear the cars showing their appreciation. here in the bridge you can see boy scouts, and people waving from this bridge. it may not be a huge crowd but could be one of the largest events in the area. never forget is the theme of this display. designed to ensure kids know the significance of today's date. >> we are seeing very few communities that are having any events at all. >> reporter: the organizer is
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worried interest in remembering the day is diminishing with time. in san francisco today there was scant evidence of the day's significant which many didn't see as negative. >> i like that it's becoming less about pomp many and circumstance and more about significance of the day to each of us as individuals. >> i don't know how much of this is san francisco bay area thing and how much is just that we are 11 years after and people are just not interested. it doesn't seem as relevant. >> reporter: usf associate professor is a scholar of the after effects of 9/11 who helped produce this documentary. she worries about the growing lack of interest. >> everything that we are dealing with whether it's budget decision that are going on, president, elections, every day life is a effected and people aren't pay paying attention. >> reporter: it's .
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>> the lady came by with her two children and said when do they start teaching in school? >> i was there. >> reporter: right now there is a flag folding ceremony here. you can hear it and see it in the background. it's a musical and theater program. that's hardly standard at events but as you can see it's keeping with the organizer's goal to make it an event that's nonpolitical and family friendly. it'll end tonight around eight. reporting live. >> the two candidates for president took a break from political attacks to mark the anniversary. coming up at 5:30 how the president and romney honored the victims of the tragedy. >> happening now in san francisco, more twists and turns in the case of the san francisco suspended sheriff.
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david stevenson just left an ethics commission meeting said how politics and the upcoming election in november played a role in today's hearing. >> reporter: take a look. you can see suspended sheriff just leaving city hall after the important ethics commission meeting. it wrapped up about 20 minutes ago with an interesting twist. this hearing was set to pave the way for supervisors to make their decision about his fate. now take a look at video earlier this afternoon. there is the sheriff arriving in the hearing room. his wife joined him shortly after. the commissioners were set to ratify a report that found he committed official misconduct by bruising his wife's arm on december 31st. his team requested commissioners delay the proceeding until after the election two help political pressure on supervisors running for re-election. the commission ratified their own report but put off deciding whether to hand that report over to the supervisors next week. now this comes as even both sides in the case say politics
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should not be playing a role in the supervisors vote. >> nobody will make the case or say that sending this case to the board pleadly before the election is not political. it's obviously political and we are trying to reduce the political pressure on the board. this is a public law office. we can't make decisions on politics. we have to make decisions and argue cases based on the facts and the law. that's the way it should be considered by the board. >> reporter: and again at this hearing there was surprisingly low turn out of public speakers, usually there is been a high turn out of people wanting to voice their opinions about the case. what is next is for the ethics commission to decide whether to delay turning the report over to the board of supervisors, that decision may come online -- it's unlikely to happen again at another meeting. if they decide to turn it over that report will be handed over to supervisors next tuesday. they will then have 30 days to vote on the fate of the
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sheriff. reporting live in san francisco. david stevenson. >> the city of san francisco rolled out a new payroll system for the first time in 25 years but things didn't go smoothly for some. two thousand who received paper paychecks were unable to cash them at the bank today. another 570 say their direct deposit that's supposed to be split between several accounts was only sent to the secondary account. >> it was day two of the chicago teacher strike ascanio contract deal has been reached. more than 2600 teachers and staff walked off the job yesterday leaving 350,000 kids out of class in the nation's third largest school district. teachers marched through downtown today with no movement in negotiations. leaders say no progress is being made on the most important issues, those being
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performance evaluations and recall rights for laidoff teachers. >> security officials in libya say a mob of demonstrators attacked the american consulate and killed one. it's not clear if that official was a diplomat. the demonstrators were upset over a film that was offensive to their religion. it's not clear which film. continuing coverage now of namaste use to crack down on fan violence at raiders games. early reports say that dozens were either arrested or thrown out of last night's game. christian live at the coliseum with what works and what didn't. >> reporter: fans and law enforcement are giving security here a thumbs up. we talked to the sheriff's office earlier today which patrolled the coliseum and they said it was on pace for a monday night game. as the game injuries weren't limit to the field. today the sheriff's office said
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the disorderly behavior was about what they expected. >> with we had about 15 arrests, ejected close to 80 and that's pretty normal for a monday night game. >> reporter: the sheriff's office estimates oakland police made a similar number. fans say going through airport type security was no problem but say there were still isolated incidents of mislay in the stands. >> i saw a lot of taunting yesterday, really bothered me. >> reporter: chris said she alerted staff and the fans disappeared. >> when i told the lady she said i will get a police officer out here and i finally didn't see them come back down. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said new security measures are helping them respond to problems. >> >> we get text that come in so that's one way to find out what trouble is brewing and now with the new security that helps.
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>> reporter: despite the new measurewere trouble makers. coming up we will tell what you police say is fueling that bad behavior and what can be be done. >> and coming up at 5:45 the oakland mayor pushes to save oakland's sports teams. how she is working to keep them from moving. brandon mccarthy out of the hospital. that nearly a week after getting a skull fracture and having emergency surgery for being hit in the head by a line drive. he thanked the medical staff, his trainers, team and all the fans for their support. >> the first human case of west nile this year has been confirmed. the female patient is now recovering after developing the virus on august 9th in the central part of the county. according to the vector control a fogging is set for this thursday night. a map of the treatment area is still being finalized but will focus on brentwood and
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discovery bay and not near the human case. in sacramento doctors say eight infants accidentally exposed to tb are not likely to get the disease. the newborns were exposed at the methodist hospital in sacramento when a person with a case of tb visited the facility. public health officials say the babies are all doing well and don't have any science of symptoms but will receive medication as a precaution. >> a san jose apartment fire sends one to the hospital with second degree burns. what happened and why the fire wasn't the only problem. >> and i'm back at 5:20. patchy fog at i told her it was homemade.
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chain of accidents. it all started about 11:00 a.m. when a big rig with a load of dirt was taking an exit. the truck failed to make the turn and flipped over. another big rig pulled to the shoulder to try to help the other truck driver. the highway patrol said a 72- year-old driving the van tried to slow down for the crash but lost control of her car. she crashed into the second truck and was killed instantly. nobody else was hurt. the alameda corner has released the name of a man killed in a motorcycle accident last night in oakland. he is identified as 64-year-old robert bernard mcnair the third. the . the police are investigating the cause. >> in san jose an early morning fire engulfed an apartment complex. what some of the tenants were formed to do to get away. >> reporter: fire crews called two alarms when they heard people were trapped on the
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second floor of an apartment building. >> scary. involved. i never seen anything like this. i'm just glad to be out. >> reporter: a few had to jump out of a window. . >> he looked like shocked, like in shock. like i asked him if he was okay because he was right next to my car. he just looked at me and he -- i think he didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: at 3:00 a.m. when the fire broke out most of the residents were sleeping. one said he made it out by the grace of god and a lot of help from neighbors. >> another gentleman, they -- carried me down the stairs. . >> reporter: when the fire was under control crews saw a water main break. investigators aren't sure if the pipe popped during the fire battle but it became another problem for some residents who went without water for hours as the company repairedt. the fire damaged three units, the red cross is helping them
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with food and shelter. the cause is still under investigation but as one said it looks like it started near the porch. ktvu channel 2news. > dozens of pg&e customers will be out power for about another hour or so in the south bay because of a car crash that happened this morning. the car hit a power pole around 5:30 on san jose avenue in san jose. the downed power line dropped live wires right in the middle of the street and pg&e said that 3500 customers ended up losing power. most of them had their power restored about three hours later. the rest are expected to have it restored by six tonight. customers for american and southwest airlines experienced problems today booking their flights. the airlines say the company that provides reservations was down for a while. everything was back to norm
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alabi nine. other airlines were not affected because they used different technology. >> police are providing more patrols near schools after reports of an attempted kidnapping. their increasing patrols to watch over children as they come and go from school in the morning and afternoon. parents receive e-mails about the incident. police say that a man offered a ride to a girl who refused then got out of his car and tried to grab her but she fought him off. >> it can happen anywhere. it can happen here too. you know just -- ever watching out . >> man is african american in his late 20 owe to 30s. he was wearing a t-shirt and black hoodi. >> we know that missing uc davis student hanged herself. this has we are learning new detail its about her death. she went missing in june and on friday her body was found along the american river in sacramento county. today her mother spoke about
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finding her daughter. >> then i saw my daughter, i looked for two seconds and i knew that was her. i ran up screaming. then -- we called the police. >> she had been release from a mental hospital and because of the condition of the body they believe she died shortly after she ran away. a memorial will be held at green valley church later this movement. >> two inmates walked away from a security facility. one was 23-year-old, he left during a break from a class on reducing repeat offenses. the other inmate was a 29-year- old brian martin. they were seen -- waiting to be sentenced on drug and theft charges. they are suspected of stealing a blue honda civic shortly after walking away. just about 90 minutes ago the
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sheriff contacted us to say two people were arrested for aiding in their escape. a man and woman were arted while waiting in their cars to pick them up. >> let's switch to our weather. another beautiful day in the bay area and loot like yesterday. >> a lot like yesterday. we talked at yesterday the temperatures today would be similar. as we head into tomorrow it's kind of the same deal. temperatures about the same. it'll be warm. you have heat inland. upper 08's. low 90's. point of interest in vegas. they are getting hammered, you see this area, the flash flood warnings for the next few. they have been getting heavy street flooding. they have really had issues down there. we will talk more about that. winds off shore. gusting to about 20 miles an hour. n 't winds are coming on shore. tomorrow morning it's cool. it's -- the morning has been chilly. checking some of the
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observations, getting down to 41 degrees overnight. that's cold. we are seeing very cold overnight lows in the inland bay valleys. you will see a lot of 70s and 80s and a couple low 90s. the high pressure there. it's not real strong or we would see off shore winds but it's shallow enough, keeping the inland valleys warm. there is a good shot we will see coastal clearing. i mentioned the overnight lows, 44 santa rosa, but, if you get up toward saint helena, you will find temperatures in the low 40s. that is cold. for this time of year. 49234 san rafael. that's chilly. going to school works extra jacket. days are getting short. nights getting longer and it's getting colder. here is the computer model. here we go tomorrow morning. good sized fog foot print. watch how it wants to push the fog away from the coast.
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got a bit of the off shore flow developing or the model suggests that. we will watch it closely. highs tomorrow, 80, low 90's many act like today. back here we go to the five day and go piking at the weekend. >> see you back here. > >> the governor working to benefit businesses, the bill that opens the door for more foreign trade. >> and a day without politics. how the president and romney put aside their differences on this the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. businesses declared california open for business. a historic new law aimed to boost foreign trade in countries mexico city to shank high. >> we are embedded in the global economy and we have to go outward. you expand or you contract. >> the governor signed a law that could lead to more foreign trade for california. the state's 12 foreign trade offices shut down nine years ago because of budget short falls. the law laws groups to work with the state to reopen them. >> chine se people like the walnut and the blackberry and
5:25 pm
the wine. >> the he said the law will help increase trade in the high tech industry between california and chain a. last year california exported $160 billion of goods to hundreds of foreign economies. the governor said this new trade law will boost that number and create more jobs. >> a walnut creak creek city councilman dropping out of the mayor race to take a new job. the governor has tapped him for the job and -- he made the a announcement this morning. he starts his new job on october 1st. the go business office is mainly concerned with streamlining state services for businesses, job creation, economic development and international trade. >> the house of representatives passed legislation to help a troubled key source of financing for low income and first time homebuyers. it would strengthen the federal housing administration. it set minimum rate for the premiums paid for mortgage
5:26 pm
service, excludes lenders from the program and requires those month commit fraud to repay the fha. >> keeping the politics out. how the president and romney put their differences aside to remember the victims of september 11. >> does the tech community still listen to zuckerburg? we have the answer. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories...
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. politics put on hold as the nation remembers one of it's darkest days. today the president and romney talked of unity and took the unusual step of pulling
5:29 pm
certainly ads from the air waves. we are live in washington dc with how the president and his challenger are marking the day. >> reporter: there wasn't any mud slinging today. in fact both candidates decided to pull attack ads from the air waves today as people remembered september 11th. >> instead of turning us against each other, tragedy has brought us together. >> reporter: the president put on his commander in chief hat and remembered the day on the white house lawn. as the pentagon and with wounded warriors. his message different from what we have seen on the campaign trail. today it was all about unity. >> the legacy of 9/11 will not be one of fear or hate or division. it'll be a safer world, a stronger nation and a people more united than ever before. >> reporter: romney adopted the same tone at a speech in
5:30 pm
nevada. >> we remember with heavy hearts the loss of life and we express thanks for the men and women who responded. >> paul ryan made a stop at a wisconsin fire station and also spoke briefly to members of the wisconsin air national guard. >> i just want to come on the anniversary of 9/11 and say thank you. >> reporter: the vice president joined families in pennsylvania to remember flight 93. >> bitter sweet moment for the nation. particularly for the family members gathered here today. >> also close -- there was a ceremony that took place and politicians weren't invited to speak. in washington, ktvu channel 2news. >> tighter airport security and the establishment of the tsa followed the 9/11 attacks. now they are facing attacks.
5:31 pm
today members of a house subcommittee said it's to large and inefficient. sea ty it often violates privacy. an official said its moving toward a bigger focus on high risk travelers instead of the general public. >> more attention tonight between the white house and the israeli prime minister. today the white house turned down a request for a meeting from israeli prime minister siting scheduling conflicts. the request comes amid increased worry about iran's nuclear program and the possibility of israeli action against iran. the two leaders scheduled to attend the united nations in new york later this month. >> morgan stanley said its reached an agreement to buy citi steak. they have agreed to value it at $13.5 billion. that will allow morgan stanley to gain control of the business
5:32 pm
at a favorable evaluation. they said it'lla inquire the next 15% stake by next june this this. >> it was a positive day across the board. dow rose 69 points, nasdaq up .5. >> for the first time since his disappointed initial public offering facebook's ceo faced questions about his company losing half of its value. we are live at tech crunch. >> tech crunch is a place where sometimes billionaires are born and sometimes have to account for themselves. the conference is one of the nation's premire showcases for tech start ups, bright ideas are closely looked at. the speakers also draw attendees. >> the performance of the stock is obviously been
5:33 pm
disappointing. >> reporter: the man attraction of the conference the facebook ceo and founder, commented on the disasterrous ipo wherein vestors lost billions. >> we care about our share holders and the commitment we made is we will execute this mission of making the world more open and connected and we will do the things we think will build value over the long term. >> reporter: he said that facebook's future and financial success for share holders hinges on being more present and very soon on mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. >> everything i do great but we fix it quickly. >> reporter: not enough for the investment community but what do people in the high tech community think of him? >> i think he represents every start up because facebook was one of the first bigger start ups. >> it's all about coming up with anode. getting a group of people together and changing the
5:34 pm
world. >> reporter: he set the right path to grow a start up example to an ipo. i wouldn't compare him to steve jobs. i wouldn't compare him to big gates. >> we advertise and like the platform. >> reporter: many see big growth ahead. reporting live. >> >> today the u2 for the i- phone was launched by the google a day before the possible release of an i-phone 5. that operating system won't include the normal preinstalled youtube app. it'll work on the i-phone and i- pad but when designed for the i- pad is expected in next few months. > one speculate that sales of a new i-phone could do more to rescue the economy than
5:35 pm
economic incentives. jp morgan analysts expect apple to sell about eight million i- phone 5's. the company said that would boost the 4th quarter gdp by almost a half percent. >> internet hosting site go said it has tracked down the cause the network failure yesterday and found that it wasn't the work of a hacker after all. the outage took thousands of websites off line for hoand now go daddy said it was actually the result of an internal problem. a person with a hacker group will reportedly taken responsibility but go said it was actually due to a series of internal network events. purchase cards by government employees could cost more than they save. we looked in to the use of the cards by federal workers for on the job purchases.
5:36 pm
and found ongoing investigations in to abuse of the cards including one where three senior managers used their cards to buy i-pads for $825 each. >> unfortunately ever since credit cards authorized for use by government employees there have been abuses. >> reporter: a former united states energy department employee is also being investigated for tens of thousands of dollars in questionable charges. if you have had a heart attack there is a common type of medicine that's being linked to having another one. what doctors say you need to stay away from. >> there is more fall out from the chevron refinery fire. one state senator says that was a real wake up call. when he wants to be done in the future.
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. a new call tonight for improved safety inspections at california oil refineries and chemical plants. a state senator said the fire at chevron refinery in richmond was a wake up call and that a safety inspection audit is needed to protect workers and people who live near oil and chemical plants. he said some plants may not have been inspected for years. his proposal likely be considered when the legislature
5:40 pm
convenes. >> 11 years later a new report finds there is still a dirty bomb threat across the country. nearly four out of five have failed to put in safe guards to secure terrible that could be used in a dirty bomb. the government's office report identified more than 1500 hospitals as having high risk. only 321 have set up security upgrades. a new health care survey finds a moderate increase in the cost of health care insurance. according to the family foundation's yearly report premiums for job based family health plans went up 4%. they averaged over $15,000 with employees paying 27% of that cost, that works out to more than $4,300. professional wrestler jerry the king lawler is in critical condition. he had a heart attack during
5:41 pm
monday night raw. a medical team did cpr on him before he was taken to the hospital. tonight he is sedated after having stents put in. >> researchers say heart attack survivors who use common painkillers increase their risk of another one. they focused on nonsteriod drugs, it said using those can increase the risk of another serious heart problem for as lone as five years after a first heart attack. asprin isn't one that they are warning against. >> stay with us. more including weather after a break.
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. with metal ricing in costs and copper thefts increasing officials are now turning to the public for help. brentwood is asking people to help stop theft by reporting suspicious activity to police. they say there are a few things to look out for including people who make several trips to case areas during the daytime. also things that look out of place in neighborhoods, city park and people conducting what looks like late night construction projects. >> medical marijuana could face possible closure if they continue to skip out on their taxes. city leaders say about half the 158 are late on a voter approved tax. tomorrow city council will discuss two ordinance proposals to get them to pay. one would give the city the power to shut them down.
5:45 pm
the other would allow the city to close any business that doesn't pay its taxes. >> two new studies on a alzheimer's drug are showing mixed results. the drug is supposed to help remove brain plaque associated with alzheimer's but while it failed to produce those results during the study there is some evidence that it could prevent it from building up if patients start taking it early enough. researchers hope to test it on people in the early stables of alzheimer's. another study casting doubt on the benefit of fish oil which is widely touted for their ability to improve heart health. according to a new study, they do not significantly reduce fatal heart attacks or strokes. overo all they said that they were no more fickive than a placebo. >> the past several days, bill
5:46 pm
has started out by talking about the fog along the coast. kind of different today. >> yeah, clearing off a bit. we are seeing clearing coast side and it's kind of nice as you look behind me. you see haze, there is alcatraz. you can see the fog on the skyline. let's go outside. i will show you the winds near the golden gate bridge. they are gusting 20 miles an hour west southwest at 66 degrees at oakland and alameda naval station. you have the winds to nine miles an hour. nice looking day going today. i mentioned the flash flood warning. look at the thunderstorms, just stepped in front of them. they are just going off. big issues down there. we are missing out on that. that is tropical moisture well south of here. for us into a nice looking, feels like fall. it's a nice looking fall weather pattern. getting the cool overnight lows, cold, i mentioned that.
5:47 pm
44 in suspecta rosa. 49 san rafael. chilly tomorrow morning and then getting the mild daytime highs. it does feel like fall. still, you get the picture. days are getting shorter. fog tomorrow morning. there it is. watch it kind of pull away from the coast. that's interesting. not sure what it is for that. the model see -- a couple things it could be. we will watch it. not sure it'll be that aggressive of a pull back. i think we will get breaks tomorrow afternoon at the coast with sunshine. warmer the next couple days, here is the line. wednesday, thursday, friday. it's just like i said last night the railroad grade -- it's not much of a change at all. it'll be warmer. as you march through the bay area tomorrow you will find upper 60s. low 70's in richmond. point richmond mid-70s. toward napa the upper 70's and low 80s and toward the east bay valley up into the 90-degree
5:48 pm
range. 89 tomorrow in fairfield. 88 livermore, santa clara, 86 morgan hill. 3567y fog with clearing. 63 pacifica and the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. just a real nice looking forecast. >> perfect. >> thank you. >> more than a decade after the september 11th attacks funding battles are holding up plans for the construction of a museum. as rick reports, there is new hope that the facility will be built after all. >> [inaudible] many. >> reporter: al is going through photographs of his son paul who worked on 103rd floor of the north tower. his story will be on the tables in the museum. >> today is the first time we have -- actually seen a part of what would be in the museum. i think it's absolutely
5:49 pm
wonderful. >> reporter: this small preview at a hotel across the street from the world trade center isn't the way they hoped to mark the memory of the attack. >> it's disappointing not to have the museum open this year as we planned. >> reporter: construction of the museum shut down last year just a few weeks after the museum's director gave us a tour. >> it opens in september 2012. >> are you on track? >> yes. all systems go. >> reporter: little has changed since then. the museum has been locked in a funding disbutte with the agency that controls the site and tonight it was unclear when we would see a resolution. >> we have this staff of people that have been collecting thousands of artifacts, thousands of stories. >> reporter: the worry ended monday night as both sides hammered out a deal. >> everybody is on board and this will get going, the end of the month and you will see the progress that we all hope would happen. >> reporter: no doubt a welcome
5:50 pm
development for those who have been waiting for this storeys to be told. >> they should resolve it quickly and get this thing done. >> reporter: it's still not clear when the museum will open. reports suggest it may take more than a year to complete construction which means it may not be ready in time for the 12th anniversary of 9/11. in new york, fox news. >> the judo attelet who brought home the bronze was honored today. >> she was pretty good. >> reporter: the mayor introduced marty who beat out the 2008 champion to win bronze in london. she won with a match ending throw. she attended san jose state and is now the assistant coach of the team. >> its been an honor to come home and be able to get this. thank you. >> reporter: it's only the third for united states women
5:51 pm
in judo. >> they came by the hundreds today to livermore. job seekers brought their resumes and hopes to this job fair. the company hiring. lots of prepaid cards
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come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough.
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introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . employ ears put out the call about a job fair in livermore and hundreds responded. >> we have over 120 stores opening at one time on november
5:54 pm
8th so they all need to hire people and fill positions. about 1600 looking for work showed up at livermore community center today. 75 employers were on hand looking to fill about 2,000 permanent and 1500 seasonal jobs. one recent college graduate said the job market seems to be better than a couple years ago but said it's still hard to compete with seasoned workers. >> couple years ago but it's still hard for us to come -- coming like to find a job because people expect experience and we don't have it. >> reporter: employers were looking to fill a range of positions entry level up to management. some hired there on the spot. if you missed out today there is another job fair around the corner. it'll be held at the livermore community center. >> today is 40 years since the first bart train started running in 1972 to celebrate,
5:55 pm
bart is collecting and displaying photographs and items throughout its stations. anniversary celebration will be announced next week, the agency said it opportunities want to take away from the day of remembering for the attacks. people still trying to find what happened after a fire ball swept the planet jupiter. it was reported yesterday by an amateur who showed it on youtube. they are now monitoring the planet for any damage. according to space forums impact was seen in june and august of 2010 suggesting it happens a lot. >> the oakland mayor is coming under fire from a warning of a judge involving the police department. today she tried to save oakland's sports teams but reporters asked her about canceling a deposition last month. it concerned the oakland police department and the possibility that the department could be
5:56 pm
put on federal receiver ship. the mayor has been accused of ducking the issue but she said he had pressing business and rescheduled. drug dealing is part of some student's daily walk to school. the back to school sting that officers launched to try to change that. >> bad driver mace have just caught a break. the shifting resources and why police are protesting.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
. good evening. >> san francisco police officers went back to school in a sting operation part of a plan to keep tunes safe from the drug deal that surrounds them. we are live now in san francisco with the crack down and life lessons for children growing up in these specific areas. >> reporter: we are standing in the heart of the tender loin district which is one of the areas the police targeted in this sting. will there is always something happening here in san francisco. >> a crazy place to grow up. >> reporter: the principal said
5:59 pm
it's hard to be a child here. >> we incorporate the word drugs, there is drugs and -- they learn right off the bat what needles are. even condoms. >> reporter: that's why police did operation safe schools around the start of the year. >> live in small confined areas, last thing they want to see is walk down the street and be scared by dopers or drug dealers. . >> reporter: they did undercover drug buys and arrested the drug dealers paying attention to areas with in one thousand feet of schools. >> they walk to school and see people smoking crack, injecting heroin, selling it and it's -- just something they see. >> reporter: we saw countless drug dealers so it's easy to imagine police made 25 arrests ten of which had school zone enhancement. >> we want to send the message that stay away from the schools, we don't want you to target kids. >> reporter:

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